About OTP at Lutterworth MAT

Welcome to the Lutterworth MAT OTP; the home of sharing the best teaching and learning ideas with colleagues at Lutterworth College and Sir Frank Whittle Studio School.

Our main objective is to get great teachers together to reflect on what is working really well in their classrooms. This program provides the time to discuss teaching and learning and share what works in reality (and an opportunity to pinch all the best tips and ideas). The vision is that this in-house OTP will give you chance to refine your own skills and be consistently outstanding practitioners, thanks to learning from and with colleagues across the college.

Contributing to the six sessions is key to making this a bespoke and exciting CPD for you all. This is an opportunity for you to collaborate, try new ideas in the classroom and then share your findings in subsequent sessions. You can steer your own route through the sessions, focusing on areas that will enhance your teaching the most.

Strategies could include classroom-based action research, self-reflection using video, peer observations, learning walks or mentoring and coaching. This year we will also focus on the college teaching and learning priorities: challenge, engagement, differentiation and growth mindset.

Looking forward to working with you all this year.